“No Bullies Allowed” Assembly – Monday, 9/26

We are welcoming back Cris Johnson who last year put on a fantastic show called ‘Yes I Can’, which was about the importance of confidence and respect.  This year Cris is coming back to OFRS with ‘No Bullies Allowed!’ a fun magic-filled assembly program. In the show, Cris Johnson promises magic of all kinds – funny magic, AMAZING magic, even some dangerous magic!  We hope that your children enjoy the program!

GENERAL PTA MEETING – Tuesday, September 20, 7pm

Please join us on Tuesday, September 20 at 7pm in the school library for the first General PTA Meeting of the year.  Topics to be discussed include upcoming fundraisers and family events at OFRS for the 2016-2017 school year, as well as room parent information.  Come learn more about how get involved at school!  At least 1 room representative per class must attend this meeting!  Thank you!

Our KidStuff Book fundraiser has begun!

Kidstuff Coupon Books were sent home with your youngest child on Friday.  Please look in your child’s backpack for the coupon book and order form.  KidStuff is encouraging the use of Social Media to increase sales so you will also see a  blue Social Media Notice. 

Make sure to look through the Coupon book, there are many valuable coupons which can easily cover the $25 cost of the book.  Keep the book in your car and look for a coupon whenever you go to a store.  Lots of coupons for activities, including a FREE jump coupon for SkyZone ($20 value).  Great coupons for sporting goods stores and many other stores and restaurants.

The KidStuff fundraiser will end on Sept. 30th, so please send in  payment for book purchases or return books you will not purchase by Sept. 30th. 
We earned $2,050 for the school last year through the PTA  KidStuff Fundraiser!   Thank you for your help with the KidStuff fundraiser and we appreciate your support again in purchasing and selling these coupon books.